What is Personal Loan DSA?

DSA (Direct Selling Agents) are usually individuals who offer personal loans to people looking for banks or NBFCs. DSA Personal Loan is a product offered by multiple banks and NBFCs in India to salaried and self-employed customers looking for personal loan online in India. A Personal Loan DSA can help the customers who are looking for emergency funds by offering an Unsecured Personal Loan at Low Interest Rates from banks and NBFCs.

DSA Personal Loan helps you in getting a personal loan to make big purchases like buying a home, car, vehicle or a business. It also helps those who need more than Rs. 10 lakhs. The interest rate will be calculated on the base amount, date of repayment and tenure of the loan.

How to Become a DSA for Personal Loan?

Become a Personal Loan DSA and get a chance to earn high commissions as a DSA Agent. It is an easy job where you can easily earn high commission income and make handsome amount of money. To become a Loan DSA Agent you have to fill a DSA Registration application form and submit the required KYC documents.

Becoming a DSA Agent is a great way to have financial freedom and use your spare time to earn big cash. The starting Loan DSA Commission Payout for a Bank Loan Agent will be between 2% to 5% depending on the scope and experience of candidates hired. The higher the amount of DSA Personal Loan you disburse the higher the Loan DSA Payout you will receive.

Advantages of Becoming a Personal Loan DSA

High Loan DSA Commission Payout

A Loan DSA can earn very high DSA Payout by working as a Loan Agent in India for Personal Loan. Loan DSA for Personal Loan business is a very profitable business model. Where the DSA Agent source customers from the market for Personal Loan and sell Unsecured Personal Loan online in India.

Work From Home

Loan DSA Agent is employed and work remotely from anywhere at anytime at their own will and time online. The Loan Agent can set his own working hours, working day and can work from home as well. After submission documents online the DSA Partner will have to check the loan application status.

The DSA Agent can work for a customer to provide loan. DSA Agent can upload loan documents online to the bank or NBFCs CRM portals. After submission loan documents online the Loan DSA Partner will have to check the online loan application status.

Flexible Working Hours

There is no fixed work timing to work. A DSA Agent can work at his own work schedule for sourcing and disbursing Unsecured Personal Loan online. The loan agent can contact the customers, looking for Unsecured Loans online, check loan eligibility, and submit documents.

No Educational Qualification Required

The DSA Agents can start their Loan Agent Business without showing any education proofs. To become a loan agent you do not require any educational qualification to join. Anyone with a goal to earn high income can become a Loan Agent in India and start selling various financial products.

100% Online Business Model

Whether you are doing the loan agent business as a full time or part time, you can do it online without any physical documentation. With CapitalCow, a Loan Agent can sell DSA Loan and Credit Cards online all over India. CapitalCow offers Loan DSA Code from 150+ banks and NBFCs in India with high DSA Commission Payout to the Loan Agents.

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