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Product Features

Personal & Financial Data Protection

Keep your personal and banking information safe from the scammers and hackers with McAfee Total Security solution

Safe Browsing with Bank Grade VPN

Browse the internet confidently knowing the malicious and fake sites will be blocked by using the McAfee VPN network

100% Virus Removal Guarantee

Remove the malwares, spam-wares, ad-wares and harmful viruses from your devices and keep your device virus-free

Overall Performance Optimization

Improve the device speed and internet connection speed by 10 times and and watch movies download large files in seconds

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McAfee Total Security Product Features

Network Security

Secure your device's firewall and block potential hackers from accessing your home network system

Optimize Performance

Block auto-play videos on websites and reduce bandwidth usage by half and improve overall device performance

Safe Internet Browsing

Rank your website on the top of the search engine results of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., with advanced SEO service.

Encrypted Storage

Keep your valuable files and info protected in 256-bit AES encrypted storage space

Antivirus Protection

Keep your PC, smartphone and other devices safe from malicious and harmful virus attacks

McAfee® Shredder™

Delete sensitive files and media from devices forever without leaving any trace of those files

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